General FAQ’s

What is Climate Quest?

Climate Quest was originally hosted as a virtual weekend event for young people to achieve their ‘Stop Climate Change’ Challenge badge. Activities, however, remain open to complete whenever you wish! Be sure to check stock availability of our badges in our badge shop before completing the activities and ordering. Participants must complete x6 challenges related to climate change (x2 from each of the three sections), in order to help Query the penguin on his mission to protect his Antarctic home from ice melt.

Can I wear the badge on my uniform?

Yes! Those who are part of Kent Scouts may wear this badge on their uniform in the occasional badges area. If you are from elsewhere you will need to check with your local relevant commissioner.

How do I order a badge?

Register and log in to the website. Next, head to our badge shop and ensure badge stock is available. After this, follow the instructions on the order form. Badges can be bought by individuals or you could save postage costs by asking your leader to bulk order them for your entire group.

Why is the penguin called Query?

Fundraising from the sale of all ‘stop climate change’ badges are going towards the Kent Scouts ReQuest2021 expedition to Antarctica. This sailing voyage will commemorate 100 years since Sir Ernest Shackleton took two Scouts on his ‘Quest’ expedition in 1921. Query is named after the ship’s puppy from the original expedition!

Who can take part in Climate Quest?

Rainbows, Beavers, Cubs, Brownies, Scouts, Guides, adults or non-Scouty, non-Guidey people of any country or group!

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You are also welcome to contact us if you have any lingering questions about climate change.